Friday, May 31, 2013

Mantic Blog: Learn to play : Dwarfs

So I just finished my 1000 pt Dwarf demo army (maybe pictures tomorrow, right now my work/painting/picture space is taken up with some multi-bases for the KoM army drying).

I actually started assembling the 88 dwarfs (and 3 war machines) last Saturday, so it came in at exactly a week.

Speaking of KoM, the knights and characters are done except for basing. These are all being mulit-based as they had not bases that were usable. So I cut out appropriately sized pieces of MDF that I'm using a bases (125mm x 100mm for a knight regiment, 200mm x 40mm for a spearmen horde, etc).

Pre-registration for Origins ends at 11:59 EDT tonight - so far I 21 tickets have been sold for 6 learn to play events, and no tickets have been sold for the tournament :-(.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mantic Blog: Learn to play : Undead

So at Adepticon, I won best army for the WFB "How You Use It" 1000 pt am tournament. A nice little plaque, a box of gnoblars, some resin terrain crytals, and an "Omens of Death detachment" box (20 skeletons and a balefire catapult). So since I'm doing these Learn to play events at both Origins and Gencon it got me thinking. I have the 8 1000 pts armies (well, I will once I finish my the last two units for my AD), but except for the AD all are GW models. Now I had some Mantic undead - could I get some more Mantic armies to use? My LGS has had a Mhorgoth Rising set sitting there for quite some time - so I picked it up, and then got a unit of revenant cavalry and an undead and dwarf 1 player starter set. And tonight I finished the undead (well, except for a necromancer and standard - I'm going to borrow a buddy's (his daugther's actually) characters since the KS is taking SO long to get here). The dwarfs are getting pretty close as well - they need gloves/pouches/belts and boots then a quick wash and they should be ready for basing.

These are painted very quickly, and are not my usual standard, but definitely are table top ready to teach with. So I will have 4 / 8 armies that are NOT GW - the KoM (non-all ogre) probably won't be ready for Origins, but maybe GenCon. Of course I might just pick up some elves and orcs as well . . .

Mantic Blog : Blackouls

I actually finished these a couple of weeks ago, just finally took a couple of pictures.

I'm about halfway done with the slave orcs, and then I have 5 berserkers, and I'll have the whole army painted. At least until I get the kickstarter models, of course. But for now . . .