Sneaking a peek into the past

It kind of amazes me how much attention that the upcoming Kings of War Historical book is getting. I always thought of historical gamers as this smaller niche among miniature players - these older, fat, bearded and balding guys (yes, that does describe me perfectly lately) playing simulations of ancient battles surrounded by charts and books, spending most of their time trying to figure out exactly what this unit of cavalry needs to be able to charge that unit of infantry.  I've never gotten into it personally (because I find humans a bit boring to paint, really).

But I was wrong.  (yes, you can mark this date in your calendars (though if you ask my wife, it is just any other day)).  The response and excitement over this is a bit overwhelming.  While Mantic does not yet have it up for pre-order on their site - others like RGDGaming do.
The base rules are Kings of War as we know it - the only change is that Hills are now difficult terrain during a charge (unless you start on it).

Slight changes to combat rules
There are a few new special rules - Cover(n), Devastating and Dread
some new special rules
One of the most iconic armies are, of course, the legions of Rome!  Now if only I had paid attention in Latin so I would have some actual idea as to what these were :-).
one of the army lists
This is scheduled for release in September - I would recommend making sure you reserve your copy with your FLGS now - as from what I've been hearing I can expect the first print run to sell out quickly.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Awesome. Really happy with what I see here. Would love to see the Skirmish rules. Thanks heaps for this preview. cheers

  2. This should be stocked by your normal FLGS that stocks Mantic product. As for a specific list - well being in the US I can't do much more than direct you to the Mantic web site (I've not found the US piece of this to be very current however)

  3. Will there be a digital version of this book?


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