July SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder Newsletter

The interwebs are all ablaze with the big news.  The new edition of your favorite game comes out this week!  Everyone needs to rush down to their FLGS to, well, I guess to play it because you can't buy it yet.  Kings of War 2nd edition is being released to download FOR FREE on July 10th.  If you backed their kickstarter for this, then you should be getting a PDF of the FULL rulebook this week as well.  (The free rules are the compact 'gamers' version, so do not have any of the 'fluff' in them).  These should include all 11 of the base armies for Kings of War (Sorry Twilight Kin players, you have to keep using the beta version until the proxy book comes out).

If you enjoyed playtesting the rules and lists for KoW2, you can keep the fun going as the playtest for the proxy lists is currently underway.  Right now they have three lists available
  1) Rhordia (men and halflings)
  2) Ratkin (skaven)
  3) The Herd (beastmen)
Still to come are
  4) Shattered Clans (chaos warriors)
  5) Empire of Dust (tomb kings)
  6) Reptilians (lizardmen)
  7) Name TBD (brettonians)
Along with the Twilight kin this looks to be 10 lists in the proxy book when it comes out.  Ophidians and the Northern Alliance have been specifically mentioned as NOT being in the scope of this book.

If you have friends who feel abandoned or angry because their favorite fantasy mass combat game has been changed into a pointless roundbased skirmish game, why don't you have them over and show them how much fun Kings of War is?  They can use their existing armies and download the rules for free, so what does anyone have to lose but a few hours of playing games?  Let's welcome these wayward brethren into our midst with open arms and grow our community.

The mantic blog the past few weeks has just been ablaze with information on Kings of War 2nd Edition, and Dungeon Saga:Dwarf Kings Quest.  DS releases in September, but they will be running demos at Gencon.  This keeps looking better and better, and everytime they put up new pictures I have to wipe the drool off my chin.  You can check out the mantic blog at http://manticblog.com/, and if you subscribe they are having a drawing for some cool stuff (they have drawings about twice a year it seems).

Origins was great last month.  I didn't have quite as many participants as last year, but we did have 14 people in the MegaBattle, where the forces of Good once again beat the forces of Evil.  Come and play in the MegaBattle at Gencon if you want to even the score.

Yes, Gencon is coming at the end of this month.  Once again in Indianapolis, it is four days of gaming and events.  I recommend it (if for just one day) just for the HUGE dealer hall.  I'll be there, of course, running Kings of War (a tournament, Mega-Battle and 10 Learn to Play sessions).  There is also Dreadball, Deadzone and even Mars Attacks! going on from Mantic.  Of course the man himself, Ronnie Renton, will be there if you want to meet the man behind the terrific madness!  Registration is still open (though you can no longer get your badge/tickets shipped to you) at http://gencon.com.  Plus Mantic will have a few of the second edition rule books available in their booth - so you can get the cool fluff and pictures before it is officially released at the end of August.

If you are a Dreadball fan - Season 5 is now available at the webstore and should be at your FLGS soon.  Not only that, but the final wave of the Kickstarter is shipping right now!  So while kickstarters don't get Season 5 much earlier, they do get Season 6 at least 6 months before release.  Not only is Season 5 out, but the Dreadball Xtreme players manual is also shipping.  This gives point costs and stats for EVERY dreadball player, MVP and Free Agent, including the season 6 ones you can't get yet.  It also has rules for creating your own sponsor - so you can truly make any team you want.  (Season 5 also has similiar rules for normal Dreadball exhibition games (though these are not legal in league or tournament play)).

For the Deadzone groupies - the Deadzone:Infestation pledge manager for the kickstarter is now live, you should have your invitation any day if you don't already.  This is the only chance to add onto your pledge as Mantic has said they WILL NOT be reopening it, and D:I will be one shipment.  I'm locked in - how about you?

Right now local events are quiet - but I expect them to start ramping up very quickly.  With the 2nd edition release this week - well it seems like time to maybe start another escalation league.  Since a lot of players want to build armies that aren't being released until October or November, this will probably be a quick league to bring your army up to KoW2.  I still try to be at the Hobby Shop every Monday from 6 - 10 pm, so come and play a game.

Before I go, of course I have to plug my blog.  If you need more than just a single monthly dose of my sly wit and humor, I try to update my blog at least once a week at http://blog.untilsomebodylosesaneye.net/.  Keith Ambrose has also started a new blog with KoW2 battle reports - check it out at http://actingchildish.blogspot.com/.

Because it is all fun and games …
Mike Carter
Your friendly local Mantic pathfinder