Hobby Shop Historical League Winter '16

This is the home of the Winter '16 Hobby Shop Historical Kings of War League.  We will have the planned schedule as well as current standings for all players.


The purpose of an escalation league is to allow players to build armies and play games. It is all for fun. We are trying to build a Kings of War community in the Dayton area. As such, bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated. The league is open to all ages and is in a public store, so please refrain from foul language as well. Even when getting beat mercilessly by an eleven year old girl.

Remember that even though the goal of playing a game is to win, the purpose of gaming is to have fun. These are not mutually exclusive.


The Hobby Shop, 153 N. Springboro Pike, Dayton OH


The league organizer is your friendly, local Mantic Pathfinder, Mike Carter. His preferred contact method is email at puggimer@gmail.com, but can also be reached at 937-478-9412. Rules and current standings will be posted at Winter Historical League


Nothing. Nada. Zip. The big goose egg. $0.00.

Unless that is, people want to pay to be in the league – and if so, then all costs to participate will be returned back as prizes at the end of the league. However I am working at just building interest at this point, not getting super competitive, so that is why there is no cost (and not a lot of prizes). It is about building and army and playing. Now the tournament at the end – that’s a bit different. That is where you get to use your newly created army and crush your enemies before you and revel in the lamentations of their women (or their men as the case may be).


Each month there are up to 10 points available to score as follows:
1 pt – army assembled
1 pt – army painted (3 colors minimum)
1 pt – army based (glued to base, base painted)
1 pt - build completed and presented to organizer before the last day of the month at midnight

In addition to painting, players will be award points for the first two games played each month:
Win – 3 pts
Tie – 2 pts
Loss – 1 pt

In addition to these, there will be three bonus building points available. There are for building and painting things that help to play, but are not required. There are five possible things – but a max of only three points can be earned:

- Turn counter
- Objective counters
- Wound counters
- Display Board
- Wavering counters

There are no firm rules for what these can be – only that they can’t be completely purchased – so you can use glass tokens for wavering counters – but unless you made them yourself they don’t count. 25mm round bases are often good for objective and wound counters – just add something to make them unique for your army and paint them up. Have fun with this.

How it Works

Each month each player is expected to assemble, paint and base the listed number of points of their army (as listed in the schedule).  In addition, each player will play games using an army that is the listed number of points (which is all the previous months builds).  So the first month is building only ( and playing any games you want to get in to decide what units you want, etc).  The second month is playing with the first months build, and building more.  The third month is playing with the first and second months builds and so on.

Point Values

Point values each month are the total value of units to paint and play that month. Each month is intended to build on the previous, so it is expected that your 700 point list will include the units (which may be expanded) from your 400 list and so on. For painting purposes, army values must be within 10% of the monthly goal (i.e. 360 pts for October) but not over, to make it easier to get in the unit you need. If your army is short of the monthly goal for games then it is recommended you add veteran abilities to your list to make up for the difference.


Games may be played at any time during the month, and at any location. Regular league meetings are there for a convenient time and place to get in a game, as well as build and paint your army. You are not required to attend any meetings – however to earn your points for the month you must report the games you played (who you played and who won) and you must show the organizer that you have the appropriate amount of units painted. You may not play the same opponent back-to-back to score for the league. This encourages you to play other people (even if, say, another member of the league lives in the same household). This is a chance to meet and play with many different people that you may not know at the beginning of the league.

Army Lists

First off, you have to use the same army throughout the league. No allies allowed. So decide what models you like.

Second, your army must be legal – so if you want that war machine early on to devastate your opponents, you have to first build that regiment!

Third, while you have to use the same army, you can change your list up as you like. So if you decide that your initial 300 point list was complete crud and utterly worthless, feel free to scrap it. However that does mean that you would have to model and paint up twice as much for the next month in order to have a 700 point list ready.

Any of the 33 army lists in the Kings of War: Historical may be used.  however the purpose is to get people to build armies and play games.  If you want to participate but do not have (and do not want to build) a historical army, then use one of the lists for your fantasy armies - provided that you make sure you opponent knows which units are which.  If you want to use Mythical units, then you can use Undead Warriors, Huge Warriors, Abominations, Beast of War, Giant and Giant Wyrm units ONLY. No flyers nor spellcasters are allowed.

One of the purposes of the league is to build up a 1000 pt painted list that will be ready to play in the tournament at the end of the league. A good way to do this is to create a 1000 pt list you want to play for the tournament, and then take out 300 and then 400 points to back into the appropriate levels.


At the end of the league, we are planning on having a tournament to determine who the best general out there is. This will be open not only to members of the league, but to anyone else who would like to come and participate. We are trying to build a community of players in this area, and organized play (i.e. leagues and tournaments) are one of the tools to do that. So even if you can’t make the regular league – join us in March for a fun 1000 pt tournament. Details to come.  We will also hand out league awards at the tournament


Below is the planned schedule.  Not everyone needs to be there every night.  We will also be adding in some league Saturdays - these may not always be at the Hobby Shop (for example, we may have them up in Columbus at the Guard Tower to allow players from that area to participate as well).  The regular Friday evening meetings are from 6 pm until 9 pm.

Because December is such a busy month for everyone there will be no 'official' league play that month.  Please feel free to still come out on Friday evenings - you might take this chance to get in a game of 'normal' Kings of War, Warpath or Deadzone!

Saturday events will be listed on this page, as well as in the Ohio War Kings Facebook group.

Because of delays with people physically getting the book as well as taking quite a while to get their miniatures ( seems like nearly all the historical miniatures are in the UK ), we are delaying the league for a month.  Please see the schedule below

Jon Carter
Barbarians (Celts)


Mike Carter


Keith Ambrose

Alex Ambrose

Beth Hill

Felix Castro


Kara Brown

Jim Schwerdtfeger

Because it is all fun and games . . .